Commands Rust

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  • Rust Player Commands
    Steuerung Commands

    M - Karte
    V - Speaking
    F5 - Menü
    F6 - Crossair
    K - Quests

    Allgemeine Commands

    /k - Opens the quest menu
    /gift This is a Gift Reward system
    /kdr Kill Death Ratio (Statistiken)
    /playtime - Display your playtime
    /playtime - Display the playtime for the specified player

    Kits Commands

    /kit => see the full list of available kits for you
    /kit KITNAME => choose a kit

    PM Privat message

    /r -- this replies to the last person you got a pm from

    Notifier Commands

    /admins -Admins List
    /clan help - Clan Help
    /sethome - Home Help"
    /kit - Kit Help
    /pm name - Message Help
    /online - Players Count
    /players - Players List
    /plugins - Plugins List
    /remove - Remove Help
    /map - Server Map
    /motd - Server MOTD
    /rules - Server Rules
    /tpr - Teleport Help
    /trr - Trade Help

    Clans Commands
    Clan member Commands

    /clan - Displays infos about your current clan
    /c Message... - Sends a message to all online clan members
    /clan create "TAG" "Description" - Creates a new clan you own
    /clan join "TAG" - join a clan you have been invited to
    /clan leave - Leaves your current clan
    Moderator Clan Commands
    /clan invite "player name" - Invites a player to youre clan
    /clan kick "player name" - Kicks a member from youre clan
    Owner Clan Commands
    /clan promote "Name" - Promotes a member to moderator
    /clan demote "Name" - Demotes a modertor to member
    /clan dsiband forever - Disbands youre clan (no undo)

    Teleport(Friends/Home) Commands

    /home add - Saves your current position as the location name. (alias sethome)
    /home list - Shows you a list of all the locations you have saved. (alias listhomes)
    /home remove - Removes the location of your saved homes. (alias removehome)
    /home - Teleports you to the home location.
    /tpr - Sends a teleport request to the player.
    /tpa - Accepts an incoming teleport request.
    /tpc - Cancel teleport or request.
    /town - Teleports yourself to town.
    /tpinfo - Shows limits and cooldowns.

    Auto Door

    /ad - Disables doors automatically closing for player.
    /ad # - (a number between MIN and MAX) Sets automatic door closing delay for player.

    Trade for rust

    /trade "partial or full player name" - Send trade request.
    /trade accept - Accept trade request.

    Stack size controlle - Allows you to set the max stack size of every item

    /stack item_short_name stacksize (EX: /stack ammo_rocket_hv 64)
    /stackall 65000 (Sets the stack size to 65000)

    Signartist Commands

    /sil [raw] -- load picture from url
    /sil (load from site)

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  • Kaube -

    /trade und /town sind für normale Spieler leider funktionsunfähig